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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jin's Four Months Old!

I had the recent misfortune of losing my camera (ugh), so last week Friday, on the 11th, I ran out to Costco after work and actually purchased a new one just so that I could come home to take Jin's four month shots. And then I waited until now to post them. Eh, such is life...such is MY life.

Here's our little booger, getting so much bigger by the day and sleeping through the night (woo hoo!!).

 He's almost never without his binkie. I guess better that than his thumb.
This month, about last week or so, Jin started laughing OUT LOUD. It's such a great sound to hear. He cracks me up just by cracking up.
 What started again as a friendship...
 inevitably lead to another brawl...
 and some kung-fu style kicking...
 and his fight face.
There was also some biting, or "gumming", I should say, since we still don't have teeth.

Mushu tried to get in on the photo shoot but there was an awkward, uncomfortable silence as Jin just stared him down until he jumped off his chair. We're learning how to share.
 In true Jin fashion, we eventually fell over, thus ending the shoot.
 At four months, we like to blow bubbles,
 we drool A LOT,
 and lazy stretching and toe wiggling are other very favorite pastimes.
We had his four-month doctor's visit yesterday, and he's a whopping 14 pounds now! I can't believe how fast he's growing. Here's a run down through the months: