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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jin's Eight Months Old!

Oh my little Jin-Su. He’s so funny. I think I find myself laughing more and more with these photo shoots because he’s getting so animated and he’s got so many quirky little facial expressions. I wish you could see half of what I miss in the time my dumb little camera takes to actually snap the shot. But eh, I catch some good ones here and there too.
So…we’re not quite crawling but we’re definitely sitting and what I like to refer to as “rolling”, looking like we’re about to take off any second now. I fully expect it to just happen overnight, as often as he looks like he’s just about to but doesn’t quite. He loves to laugh at and watch Mushu, he has a really hearty laugh when tickled, and he smiles a lot at both myself and Woo when we walk into the room. I LOVE when he first opens his eyes from a nap and just starts smiling when he sees us. Best feeling ever. He also likes to hold his arms out and wrap them around our necks or lean into us to let us know he wants to be held. That happens a lot too, so I’ve got to be more mindful of not spoiling him, since it’s so hard not to indulge him every time he does that.
The other day he ate a big chunk of cantaloupe through a mesh baby feeder, and he’s been eating more of his baby cereal. He likes carrots; avocadoes and sweet potatoes are ok; not a fan of peas, and bananas are just gross. I’ve been making all of his food fresh and organic. I’m working on expanding that selection and I hope to find something he’s just head over heels in love with. For now, we’re taking it in stride and I’m thankful that it appears he’s got his Daddy’s sense of taste and doesn’t have the sweet tooth his Mom has. Cheers!

A yawn-smile. 

At the very end he seemed to take this little bow. He opened his arms out wide and then threw his face into the chair, LOL. So dramatic.