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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jin's Seven Months Old

Today totally snuck up on me and it was Woo that reminded me this morning that today is the 11th! Jin and I have been busy all week, cleaning house in preparation for my Mom's visit next week. She and my Aunt Mine actually passed through Phoenix for an 8-hour overnight layover on Thursday night so we got to see them for a little while, which was so nice. So the house actually looks semi-decent because of it. :)

Jin's crazy big now, and his little personality develops a little more each month. He's started to be able to sit up for longer periods of time, although he's not quite able to get up on his own yet. But you can see him trying and he eventually gets frustrated when someone doesn't help him up. He's very curious and starting to get into everything within reach. And of course, anything he can reach goes right in the mouth. 

He can hold his own bottle, he has started eating pureed solids like sweet potato, and he loves when Daddy drips a little cold water on his tongue with a straw. In fact, when I drink out of a particular green cup that Jin recognizes, he opens his mouth because he remembers that Daddy let him have a small sip of water from it. And I love how he now reaches his arms up to whichever one of us is standing. We've tested it out and his "favorite" parent is based solely on which of us is standing at the moment, haha.

Its pretty funny, the quirky little habits they start to develop. Jin will often stop drinking his bottle when he's decided he wants a break, and when we put it to his mouth he purses his lips shut until you offer his binkie instead. If you sneak in the bottle, he blows raspberries and spits the milk out. 

One of my favorite things to do with him is to stop in the hall bathroom on the way to his nursery for diaper changings. He always smiles big and almost laughs a little when we go look at ourselves in the mirror. I can't help but silly-grin with him. Sigh. Love this crazy kid.