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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Woo's First Father's Day

Today was a good day. Really relaxing. We got home late after being at a wedding for most of the day yesterday so we took it easy today. Woo really didn't want to do too much but he did ask for Korean for lunch, so off we went to our favorite Korean place in town (sooo good). It was a nice, quiet, family-time meal, which I loved. The rest of the day was even quieter. We took naps, cleaned a little (I cleaned, Woo and Jin took naps, which is what a great Daddy should be able to do on his day). Later. Woo got us take-out for dinner while I put our little monkey to sleep. Nothing exciting to report at all, but it was genuinely such a NICE day at home with my little family. Loved it.

To the man that I've loved and who has been a true friend to me since I was 15: THANK YOU for being the most amazing Father to our Jin. You're more than I could have ever hoped for in a partner and a Father to our child. I think back to my own childhood and the absence of a strong, supportive father-figure and I'm just thankful beyond what I can express in words, that my child has only the best. Jin, Mushu and I love you to all of Saturn's moons and back. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Got Another Amanda Box!

One of my greatest friends, Amanda, always sends us stuff...for no special occasion, just to say hi and be the amazing friend that she is. Well, we got one of her cool care packages late last night (or, er, that's when I remembered to check the mail)! She's that friend. You know the one that you have when, right you feel like life is kicking your butt, you get a random "just wanted to tell you I miss you" card? Yup, that one. She's so awesome, and I can honestly say she's a better friend to me than I am to her. Can't have that, so I gotta work on that! So here's the super cute stuff she sent this time:
She sent Jin the cutest shirts and a onesie, and now he's got something to wear on the fourth of July which is coming up! That "Call Me Chief" shirt is so perfect for my little Polynesian man. And of course, as always, she always packs a few little *treats* in there for the mommy who insists on never growing up (can you say Hello Kitty???? and can you say Hello Kitty Duck tape!?! oh the possibilities...). 

Everything she sends always manages to find the perfect place in my life. Let me show you. I've been needing something on my house key that allows me to hold a baby in his heavy carrier on one arm, the last minute grocery bag of stuff that I just remembered we needed on the way home in the other, and be able to tell which one is the key to get into the house while standing on the front stoop in the dark because I forgot to turn on the porch light before we left. Voila, Amanda to the rescue yet again. AND she sent me a new tissue packet to put in my little purse organizer that I made! Yes, I got skills too. I have a tube of lotion, hand sanitizer (despite what you might think of me because of my cool swagger, I have always been a nerd that carries this stuff in her purse), chapstick, eye drops, my phone, some gum, and tissue that I pack in this thing so I can find all that stuff easily in my purse. Well thank you, Amanda, because I was out of tissue (how'd you know?). Cute, huh? I heart her. Betcha don't have friends like I do. Just kidding, that was mean. But really, isn't she the bestest? Miss you bunches and love you even more than that!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Throwback - Jin Meets His Grandpa Woo

My poor Mom has been asking me to post these pictures since they were taken, and I'm the world's worst daughter so here they are, only a couple of months late. Woo's Dad came up from Samoa for a visit back in April for Jin's 100th day, which fell on April 20th. It was so nice to have him here spending time with us and for Jin to be able to see what a rich legacy of great family men he comes from. Jin is the fifth generation of first-born sons, which is so cool to know. His Grandpa Woo is a great photographer and this visit was no exception. He came prepared and got so many great shots that I was fortunate enough to be able to download to our computer so I could keep them too. Here are just a few of the photos he got while he was here.

This was their first meeting, fresh from the airport. :)  

Such a little man with that hand on the lap.

Looking back now, I realize he makes this face a lot.

Jin and his Grandpa watched one of Grandpa's favorite channels, ESPN. 

And then Grandpa and Jin watched one of Jin's favorite movies, Winnie the Pooh. :)   

My two sons and Daddy. 

Three generations of first-born Woo sons. So handsome, love these guys. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jin's Five Months Old!

Gosh how time flies! Today started with me not even realizing today was the 11th. I feel like I posted Jin's four month photos a couple of weeks ago. He's such a little person now, smiling, watching tv while laying on his side, putting his own binkie in his mouth, and having enough coordination to bring his teething toys to his lips. He's a little chatterbox too (mostly squealing, which I can't get enough of because the sound is just that cute). He opens his mouth when he's ready to have his binkie or bottle given to him, and he even grunts his disapproval when the wrong one is about to be placed in his mouth. Soon enough, he'll be crawling and getting into all of mommy and daddy's things. Oh joy. :)

He started kinda camera shy, lol. Don't let this face fool you, though. Daddy got him to smile after a few practice shots.