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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Throwback - Jin Meets His Grandpa Woo

My poor Mom has been asking me to post these pictures since they were taken, and I'm the world's worst daughter so here they are, only a couple of months late. Woo's Dad came up from Samoa for a visit back in April for Jin's 100th day, which fell on April 20th. It was so nice to have him here spending time with us and for Jin to be able to see what a rich legacy of great family men he comes from. Jin is the fifth generation of first-born sons, which is so cool to know. His Grandpa Woo is a great photographer and this visit was no exception. He came prepared and got so many great shots that I was fortunate enough to be able to download to our computer so I could keep them too. Here are just a few of the photos he got while he was here.

This was their first meeting, fresh from the airport. :)  

Such a little man with that hand on the lap.

Looking back now, I realize he makes this face a lot.

Jin and his Grandpa watched one of Grandpa's favorite channels, ESPN. 

And then Grandpa and Jin watched one of Jin's favorite movies, Winnie the Pooh. :)   

My two sons and Daddy. 

Three generations of first-born Woo sons. So handsome, love these guys.