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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jin's Six Months Old!

It's here and I can't believe it, our baby is half a year old! CRAZY. Time flies, seriously, when you're having a blast, as the old adage (sort of) goes. I'm so blessed beyond measure. We've settled into such a nice routine with our little baby who's fast becoming a little boy. He's everything I look forward to at the end of my long days at work away from him. My boys (Woo, Mushu and our Nano) are what spell out happiness for me. Thank you for these six months of joy beyond belief.

Here are the photos I managed to snap this afternoon. Poor baby, he caught his first cold that began around Thursday last week, so he's just getting over it. He really rarely smiled during our little shoot, and what few smiles he offered up, my slow camera just didn't catch in time. But he's such a trooper. He may not smile as often, but he hasn't been fussy either. Just tired and kind of blah.

Go figure, right after these were taken, we ran some errands around town and he giggled a lot in the stores and in the car. Such an odd duck. I fear he may be the kind of kid that I just can't keep at home. Ah, well, socializing is important too. :)

Hope you're all well and's to being half-way through the work week!

Monkey mittens are good eating.
 Looks almost bored.

We're getting good at dirty looks.

 The "please stop already" face, which is where all this ended.