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Friday, November 4, 2011

Got the stroller!

So this past Sunday Woo suggested we go to the park for a nice morning walk. What a great idea, it was so nice out! We went to the same Greenbelt Park near the house - love that park, can't wait to stroll the baby through there when he finally gets here. It'll be really pretty in January and February if it isn't too cold for a little newborn. My Mom will be here too so we can get all bundled up and go feed the ducks with Mushu (who will in turn try to eat the ducks, I'm sure). Here's a few photos that still don't do the beautiful day any justice...I tried to get a good photo of the belly but wearing black makes it hard to see:
We had a good lunch and then, we were off to buy the stroller. So when Woo and I first discussed the stroller, I was still working in Florida, not showing a baby bump yet and not even thinking about the stroller. When he called and told me the stroller he likes was about $1000 to $1200, I thought he was joking. So, he wasn't. But since then he has completely sold me on the Stokke Xplory. This thing does everything and it's a really cool looking stroller on top of all that. The baby sits much higher than on other strollers (height fully adjustable, as is everything else on this thing) so you're not constantly bending over and it allows for a ton more interaction between baby and parent (and the world, for that matter, since they can see so much more). It wheels around with minimal effort and turns on a dime, will roll over almost any terrain, is amazingly light and collapses easily with one hand while you hold baby in the other's ridiculous. Those Scandinavians are so trendy and smart. We've been planning out a budget for this thing ever since. So thankfully, Woo has been ON IT about researching it and checking on other sources like eBay and Craigslist. This Sunday all that researching paid off because we got one! Everything it came with (parasol, UV cover, wind/rain guard, infant pad, storage/travel case, 2 car seat adapters - one for Graco car seats, one for Peg Perego car seats - and the stroller itself) would all have retailed for about $1800. We got all that, in excellent condition, for $550. I am over the moon. It's official, we're parents. Here's what it looks like, photo courtesy of

It comes in a really cool green too so we'll probably trade out the fabric later and upgrade to switch it up. For now, the beige is pretty versatile and neutral enough for the next baby. ;)

Poor little Mushu has no idea he's about to have to share all his toys and carpet space. Here's a few photos of him waiting with us in the car to see the stroller:

 He and I both need haircuts...that's a project for this weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh....that stroller looks (and sounds) AWESOME!!! I can see how you'd be so excited about it...shoot, I'm excited just hearing about it! I want one...think Lincoln would go for that? ha ha ha... Love the pics of Mushu, too!!! Those teeth crack me up. :)

  2. LOL, I thought about seeing how Mushu looked in this thing just to try it out...I think he would have jumped out even at the risk of breaking his neck. That 'tinky little booger needs a good bath first anyway, though. ;P I never thought I'd get into baby accessories like this but it happens to the best of us, I guess. I swear having a kid is just an excuse to get more toys and be socially acceptable about it!

  3. Yay baby bump! Congratulations on the stroller deal - that thing looks pretty amazing!

  4. Thanks, I'm pretty excited to use it. I swear having a baby is a lot about being able to get cool parent toys.

  5. LOVE the stroller!!! what an awesome find! and the baby bump is just too adorable for words! and i totally agree about the being able to get cool parent toys ;)

  6. Thanks, I was so happy to get one for such a great deal and in great condition after months of looking! And I appreciate that, I'm going to post better big 'ol belly photos when I can get some good ones. I've gotta have Jon take them. :)