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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Name!

D'oh, I almost forgot to post an update on this! Woo and I settled on the final name the night before last. The verdict is in: Jin-Su Rhys Woo. Woo's Dad has been really thinking hard on this for a while now, and offered us several options. Woo's parents both agreed that one of them in particular had a good flow and meaning to it: Jin-Su. It also happened to be one of the options we both liked the most. Jin can mean jewel, something earned, truth and Su can mean eternal or everlasting. Woo's cousin Nam-Hi really helped us with "Jin" in the first place, explaining meanings and such (so please correct me if you see this and I got these meanings wrong!). Woo's sisters also had a lot of good input, so this was truly a Woo family affair. I'm glad to have that settled, and thankful for all the help!


  1. I like it! And I love the meanings, especially. Very awesome. :)