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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jin's Birth Video!! :)

Hi Family and Friends,

Woo spent yesterday afternoon making the most touching video I've ever seen for me and our little Jin. I can't get through this without crying, I was so touched that he took the time to make it for us. And it's BEAUTIFUL. I want to share it with our loved ones, so here's the link below and we also shared the link on both our facebook walls. I hope you like it as much as I do. My Jon and our Jin are so special to me, and since I can't even begin to explain just how much in words, this video at least does it some justice.

Love you all, Meghann

PS A very special birthday wish to some of the greatest friends a girl could have - my Amanda, my Nancy, my Stacey, and my Brad (well, he's technically Stacey's Brad, but as a couple they're both mine). Also, my Jennifer's birthday was back in November, but since I've got everyone else on here I couldn't not wish her a happy belated bday. :) I love you guys and miss you bunches and bunches and bunches.


  1. Awww...thanks for the birthday shout-out Meghann!! I am honored to be in that group. :) Now...I'm off to watch the video...

  2. Okay. I just watched the video...and it is truly amazing! So so SO SWEET. I can see how you can't get through it without crying...I cried, too! This is such a special thing for you guys to have. I love you guys!!! :)

    1. Aw, so glad you liked it! We've been told by so many people that they cried too. Even some of our guy friends have admitted that they teared up. I'm glad to know that so many found it as touching as I did. That was one of the greatest gifts Woo has ever given me. I love and miss you!